Ear Peace Foundation
Protect-A-Band Program


Professional Musicians:

Recent research* suggests that professional musicians are at a much higher risk of developing hearing loss and tinnitus than the general public due to their frequent exposure to loud music. Professional musicians had a four times greater risk of experiencing Music-Induced Hearing Loss and a 57% higher incidence of tinnitus. 

Young Musicians: 

Most young people, including student musicians, are unaware of the risks of hearing loss due to their exposure to music. Nonetheless, according to research cited by the American Academy of Audiology, 45% of young musicians experience the damaging effects of NIHL.

Protecting our Student Musicians:

It is imperative for all student musicians to understand that NIHL is both progressive and permanent but that it can also be easily prevented!  Ear Peace: Save Your Hearing Foundation is proud to offer our Protect-A-Band Program designed to help educate local student musicians about NIHL and provide them with hearing protection! Please see link below for information on how to enroll.

Sponsor a School Band and/or Orchestra:

You can sponsor a public school band or orchestra of your choice and help us provide training, curriculum materials and filtered earplugs to each student musician. Contact us for more information using the button below. (Please list "Sponsor a Local Band" as the subject.)