Restaurant Noise Project

The goals of the Restaurant Noise Project are: (1) to increase community awareness about the danger of loud music in restaurants and  (2) to convince restaurant owners to take steps to lower the volume in order to safeguard the hearing health of their customers and employees and to make dining out more enjoyable.

We encourage everyone who dines out at restaurants to help us spread the word about hearing loss due to loud sound and help to identify quiet dining venues. Pay attention to  the sound levels at the restaurants you frequent. Measure them easily using the free SoundPrint app and help identify restaurants quiet enough to enjoy a conversation while dining! If the sound is too loud to comfortably converse with your fellow diners, show the manager the recorded decibel level and ask that the music volume be reduced to keep the sound at a safe and comfortable volume. Then, we’d love for you to come to our website and let us know about your experience!  Did the sound level enhance or detract from your dining experience? Was the restaurant accommodating about adjusting the music volume if asked?  We look forward to sharing the results with you online so you will know where to #DineComfortably! 

Restaurant Noise Survey

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